Empty library space blank canvas for student life

By now, many of you have probably noticed the new library area with only a few tables and chairs
to break up the space. The area was once part of the cashier’s area before it moved buildings and
the library is planning how to utilize the space. Frances Whaley, head librarian at IVCC, says
the current plan is to convert the space into a study area.
“It’s a very visible area,” she commented, and the open space would be a pleasant place to work.
She envisions the space as an active learning space with tables and chairs with wheels so groups
can gather for group work. Couches might also be added, making a comfy place to study or work as
If allowed, the library would like to see whiteboards, and instructional devices like Chromebooks
or iPad minis for student use. Since the “silent zone” has been moved into what used to be the library computer lab, the other side of the library is open to a lot more opportunities as some noise is allowed.
Student library users had suggestions as well.
Brianna Brooks said the new space is nicer and “ties in a bit more with the library.” She’d like to see places to sit down to study and things, perhaps even a coffee station, to make the area look less empty.
Carlos Acosta-Mejia said the space could be useful for students, and suggested they close it off and add a projector.
Alexis Davault added that the space would be good for practicing presentations, adding she’d like to see it made into a study area or another student conference room.
Jessica Gauina said a bigger room, like the TV room, in the library would be great, and would allow more room where students would be able to talk.
Yet another student suggested adding beanbag seats and perhaps even create a “nap zone” which could be useful during finals week.
The changes in the library may not be done before next semester, but the area will not remain as
it is for long.