Enrollment has increased at IVCC.

Natalie Neal

Enrollment at IVCC has gone up in percentage from these last few years. According to Tom Quigley, Director of Admissions and Records, as of Jan. 13, 2023, IVCC is up by 6.12% in Spring credit hours compared to last year.

Tom Quigley said this Spring, IVCC is offering an incentive for students that register for over 15 hours: for any additional hours the student is taking, tuition will be waivered. The college is also offering 12-week and 2nd 8-week classes.

Jennifer Cortes, a student at IVCC, said she didn’t even consider attending another school. She stated she enrolled because “Once I graduated high school, I started working factories, while working 60 plus hours weekly. I decided I didn’t want this for my future.”

“IVCC was the cheaper option, and it was easy to adapt into my life,” Cortes added. “The school didn’t break my bank account and I am still able to pay off my living. The school is also a 15-minute ride from my house.”

To start your enrollment at IVCC, you can visit the website and click apply, and then follow the instructions on screen to start the process. If you are a nursing student or an international student, there are websites for you to visit in the “Please read before proceeding” tab.

For more information about enrollment, you can contact Tom Quigley at [email protected], or you can email the Admissions Office through [email protected].