Psyched Up for Psych

A wise person once said, “Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions.” This quote is precisely why Mrs. Jill Urban-Bollis began teaching and has been for the last 23 years at IVCC.

She teaches Psychology, Child Growth and Development, Clinical Experience in Education, and Multicultural Education here at IVCC. Seeing kids go off to grow, change, and grab their dreams is what inspires her to keep doing the thing that she loves.

Growing up in a family full of teachers also impacted her career choice. They encouraged education and following life dreams to everyone they could around them. 

She knew that she wanted to be in the classroom, but she was not quite sure what her focus was going to be until she worked in a foster care therapy program and a Springfield counseling service. 

Mrs. Urban-Bollis took a student teaching job with a kindergarten class and realized there that she wanted to attend grad school.  After she had received her master’s degree in Human Development Counseling, she took that and her bachelor’s in Psychology and started a part-time teaching job at IVCC. 

Shortly after, she made her job at IVCC a full-time one and has been there ever since.  She loves the atmosphere, the many student and teacher connections that are built every semester, and the way the school keeps in check with all their students to make sure they are doing well.  

“No day is the same”, is something that she talked about when mentioning her classes.  Mrs. Urban-Bollis tries to make every day different and tries to experiment with the activities and topics they learn about each semester. 

Making sure all her students are doing well and understanding the material and handouts, is something she tries to make sure every student receives.

Most people choose their careers because they want to make the world a better place.  Who can say this more than a teacher?  When Mrs. Jill Urban-Bollis looks back at her past 23 years of teaching at IVCC, she remembers the students that went off to become successful and have very happy lives.  Recollecting those thoughts, she continues to be inspired to help her students become the best that they can be.  I cannot wait to be in her classroom!