IVCC cancels winter sports

IV Leader Staff

Illinois Valley Community College cancelled its spring 2021 volleyball and men’s and women’s basketball seasons due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The announcement was made by President Jerry Corcoran who said, “This was a tough call but one we were compelled to make in the interest of safety for our student athletes, coaches and support staff. The health of our people is preeminent.”

Vice President for Student Services Mark Grzybowski said, “This decision was not made hastily. And it is consistent with the majority of institutions in our athletic region.”

Athletic Director Cory Tomasson said, “We are committed to offering athletics but with the pandemic we feel this is the appropriate decision. It is consistent with our core values.”

Several IVCC student athletes have shared their thoughts on the cancelled seasons. 

A member of the IVCC women’s basketball team, Madelaine Grandsart said that she was “excited to have a season, be on a new team, and play with a great group of girls.”

Grandsart said, “When I got the call from Coach Nauman saying our season was cancelled I was so disappointed. COVID has already taken so much, especially for us freshman who last year never got to finish our senior year or have a graduation, and then this year as freshman starting our college career all online and not being able to experience going to class. So having the basketball season cancelled is another disappointment I am faced with because of this virus, another opportunity taken away.”

Kaleigh Shilkuski, also a member of the women’s basketball team, shared her thoughts as well. 

Shilkuski said, “I feel like it should be up to our decisions, I do respect liability clauses and everything but should just let us play even if we had to sign a waiver. This was gonna be a break out year for us and get exposure to get to the next level but that was taken from us. Too much was taken over the last year from us.”

Shilkuski continued, saying that, “This bright side is we do regain a year of eligibility but I think that is if we stay here another year only. It works more in my favor as I had to sit out another year for another knee surgery, so either way I will regain this year if I leave or not. In the end it’s an extended off season to get better for next season!”