Men’s soccer waits for pandemic to subside

Pumi Maphumulo, IV Leader Staff

IV men’s soccer team coach Tim Cottingham was interviewed on how he believed the team would bounce back from the struggles the world has faced due to corona and how he feels they will progress in the near future. 

How will the new season work?

The new season will be condensed and moved to the spring season. Less margin for error.

Are you happy having more time to come up with game plans & strategies for the new season?

I’m okay with the delaying of the season as I think people’s safety should come first.

How are the players feeling?

The players seem to be taking it in stride and focusing on academics. Unfortunately, it has delayed the arrival of our international players.

Is it a 100 percent certain that the season will continue next year?

Unfortunately, with this pandemic, nothing is 100 percent certain. But all precautions and preparations are being made to have a season.

Will the same schedule and fixtures be implemented for the next season?

Mostly the same teams but less matches unfortunately.

How has the break affected your coaching plans?

Well, it affects my plans in that not having all of our players present and available feels like a setback to me, but we will get through it.

Do you believe the break might help the players for when they come back?

I think the break may help in two ways. Players will be hungry to get back on the pitch which is a good thing, and I’m hoping they will come with no inhibitions if the virus is indeed under control.

How will you deal with the players lost due to covid happening?

If we lose someone to covid, there are going to be protocols in place from the athletic department and the college as a whole. We will follow them wholeheartedly to maximize everyone’s safety.