Season rewind on the links

Aaron Pellican, Assistant Sports Editor/Personality

Coming into this year, Coach Jim Lukosos had plenty to be excited about. He had an exciting blend of freshmen and sophmores all with a lot under their belts heading into their season.

The season did not pan out exactly as planned as the team could not crack the top 5 in a single conference tournament the whole year. This is disappointing for a team who last year had done just that on a few different occasions. The team as a whole, as well as no individual player advanced past the Region IV tournament.

Returning sophomore Carter Piercy was the only player off of last year’s team to advance past the Region IV tournament earning All-Conference Honors along the way. This year Piercy put together an impressive season but came up just short of extending his season into the postseason.

Piercy ended the season with an 18-hole average of an 81 which led the team along with returning sophomore Connor Soenkson who also ended the season with an 18-hole average of 81.

As for the freshmen on the team, the season never really took off for them as they had hoped. But, they all displayed signs of improvement throughout the season, which should be exciting for Coach Lukosos going forward. Nick Guisti, Jake Nurnberg, and Matt Hoscheid will be the returning sophmores for next year’s team as they look to take steps forward in 2018.