Moskalewicz prepares for future success

Aaron Pellican, Sports Writer

La Salle native and IVCC freshman Max Moskalewicz has never fallen short of dreaming big and keeping focus on what is ahead.

Moskalewicz graduated from Trinity Catholic Academy in 2012 and graduated from St. Bede Academy in 2016.

Moskalewicz, a first-year student at IVCC, has recently been accepted into the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, a school Moskalewicz says he “had my eyes on for several years now.”

What is remarkable, though, is the fact that this is now the second time Moskalewicz has been accepted into the university now.

“I had applied there last year for chemistry and was accepted, but being unsure if that was the right field for me, I decided to decline my offer and attend IVCC until I figured out what it is I wanted to do while saving a lot of money in the process,” he said.

Moskalewicz has now been accepted into the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as a dual major, receiving his bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance.

Moskalewicz has always gone the extra mile to try and better his resume for any colleges looking his way.  In high school, he was a board member of both the Spanish club and interact club as well as the head of the school’s super fan section.  Along with that he was also a member of the school’s tennis and basketball teams for four years and also played baseball for one year. 

Combine this with Moskalewicz’s very impressive GPA all throughout his high school career, he was a very hard candidate to turn down at any college.

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, which happens to be the No. 2 accountancy program in the nation,  is expensive, even for in-state tuition.

Moskalewicz says, “I’m hoping I am able to receive a high return on my investment through a great education that I am hopeful will build the foundation of becoming a successful accountant and business man.” 

What separates Moskalewicz from other finance or accounting majors is his desire to take his degree and thrive internationally. 

“I’m hoping I will be fortunate enough to find a job working with an international insurance company as a public accountant.” 

If he is unable to do so, he would be content with any type of public accounting job to get his career going.  But, after he gets a little work under his belt, he plans on attending graduate school and receiving his masters in order to qualify to take the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam. 

This exam would allow Moskalewicz to make a higher salary as well as help him open the door to better job opportunities.

Moskalewicz has potential to be extremely successful and has no intentions of being anything short of that.  Moskalewicz hopes that once it is all said and done, he could be the CEO of a merchandising company wherever it may be.