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Baseball ready for season

Ben Bejster, Staff writer

“My expectations for this team are very high. Personally with the less than glamourous season we had last year, we seem to be progressing much faster and with more focus. We all want to have a break out season and the team feels our chances are good. It will be very exciting to see how this season progresses and hopefully make some playoff progress. Our team is on a much higher level of competition which means the playoffs are definitely in the picture. But for now we need to keep moving forward and focus on individual games and keeping our players healthy for the long haul. Overall, things seems to be looking bright for our team this year.”
— Matt Novotney


“For a while now IV baseball hasn’t gotten a lot of respect. I feel like when other teams have played us in the past they had the mindset that its going to be one of their easier games. This year, though, we have a group of guys that have worked hard and are ready to take IVCC baseball to the next level. I think we are going to earn a lot of respect this year.”
— Cody Zinke


“This season IV baseball is different from last season. Last year we had 17 players compared to this year having 25. This year we have depth and talent. Everybody has a role to play on the team. There’s not one specific person that will make or break our team.”
— Joey Quinn