Harding: The unsung hero of IVCC


Michael Westerman

IVCC Administrative Assistant Sue Harding flashes her trademark smile which always greets students in the IVCC gymnasium.

Sue Harding, a veteran at IVCC, is known for her constant kindness and ever-smiling face.
“Sue is a person who you could never forget even if you tried!” Alumnus Katie Huss had to say. “She was someone I could talk to if I needed, or if I needed a smile, she was always there.”

Here are some facts about the smile that some may not know. Sue grew up here in Oglesby and attended La Salle-Peru High School before attending IVCC part time. She has a husband, a son, two grandchildren, and more family in Oglesby also.
First coming to work for IVCC in 1991, the story of her hiring is an interesting one. Sue had been in London for a year where she was living with her husband, an England native, before returning to the U.S. for a period of time. She was trying to find a job so she did not have to return to London but at the same time she did not really want a job.

“I tried everything to not get the job,” Harding jokingly said about her job interview at IVCC. Despite her sabotaging efforts, Sue began work in 1991 as an administrative assistant.

During Sue’s 24 years at IV she has seen five different college presidents, five athletic directors, the new building, the opening of the fitness center, and the end of the football program.

A typical day consists of lots of paperwork, phone calls and answering questions. To be more specific Sue coordinates sports activities, officials, contracts, athlete trackers, vehicles for transportation of teams, and letting players, coaches, and schools know of any schedules changes or cancellations.

Interim Athletic Director Cory Tomasson stated that “The department would be absolutely lost without her…I truly look forward to going over to the gym every day to work with her.”

When asked what her favorite part of her job was she said, “Without a doubt the student interaction, I enjoy the kids.” Her least favorite part of her job is the cancelling and rescheduling of spring sports.

Sue also received the Support Staff Designated Service Award in 2012. This is not hard to believe if one has ever had to opportunity to meet her.

Sue’s dream job is to own a used bookstore where she could just tell people about books.