NBA landscape in constant motion

In the NBA there is never a dull moment. There are teams that go on streaks either winning or losing. Over the past few weeks there have been a variety of streaks throughout the league.

In the east the Atlanta Hawks had a 19-game winning streak snapped by the Anthony Davis lead New Orleans Pelicans, but they are still one of the best teams in the league without a “superstar” on their roster.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been called out as one of the favorites in the east, but they had not lived up to that statement until recently. The Cavaliers had a 14-game winning streak led by a rejuvenated LeBron James that took a solid two weeks off.
During the two weeks that James sat out the Cavaliers were one of the coldest teams in the league. They were judged for their play while still having two “superstars” in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

It now seems that they have a good rhythm going and look to keep to their winning ways.

The Chicago Bulls are still a team that knows how to win although they have been struggling the last couple weeks. Defensively, they are not the team that the league is used to. They are weak defensively being ranked as one of the worst defensive teams lately.

A team in the east that at the beginning of the season was projected at the bottom of the east side is a surging team right now. The Milwaukee Bucks are a team to be scared of right now and possibly the rest of the season.

They are a defensive juggernaut led by second-year coach Jason Kidd. The eastern conference may not be rated as highly as the western, but they definitely have teams that will give the west a run for their money.

In the west there are plenty of teams that are hot. The western conference is the conference that is looked at as the better conference overall.

The west-leading Golden State Warriors have been hot all season. They have the best record in the league and they do not seem to be slowing down. Stephen Curry downed LeBron James as the highest player voted into the All-Star game in New York. He is the front runner for the MVP this season and he himself does not seem to be slowing down. Come postseason time the Warriors are going to be a very tough team.

The Los Angeles Clippers have lost Blake Griffin for at least three weeks due to surgery to remove a staph infection. That will be a huge loss for the team in the tough western conference. The team will have to hold on strong without their leading scorer.
In the western conference a team really cannot lose too many games in a row because there is always a team right under them waiting to take their place. The Clippers will just have to see what happens when with Griffin the sit on the bottom half already in the conference.

Greg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs won his one- thousandth win as a coach. He is now the second most winningest coach in the NBA ever. He is only behind the great Phil Jackson. The Oklahoma City Thunder are still making their push to get to the eight seed in the west.

A team that was at least a two seed for the past three seasons is fighting for an eight seed. Injuries have plagued the Thunder all season, but now that they are at full health again they are making a strong surge back to the playoff rankings.
Every day the NBA powers shift — who knows what will be next in this crazy league.