Cubs’ Rizzo promises North-Side long awaited crown

The Chicago Cubs have made a splash in the 2015 offseason. The Cubs picked up manager Joe Maddon and pitching phenom Jon Lester.

With just those two additions the Cubs are on the verge of a winning season. Some believe the Cubs are a 90-win team this year but some say that they are still a season away from winning.

As far as the Cubs, go after finishing in fifth place five years in a row the Cubs’ odds are definitely looking up.

With Jon Lester at the helm of the pitching staff anything can happen as he has proven over and over that he is one of the most elite pitchers in the MLB today; also by adding Jason Motte, the Cubs win the best reliever in baseball from 2012, but underwent Tommy John surgery in 2013 and this will be the first year since the 2012 season he’ll be pitching. The Cubs believe Motte will be a very productive addition to their bullpen.

The Cubs’ pitching staff is definitely underrated with Jake Arrieta and Jason Hammel at the two and three spot in the order.

The Cubs have one of the most young and talented teams in baseball with two players in the top five 100 prospects. The Cubs definitely have a promising team with Anthony Rizzo as the veteran even though he is very young still. Rizzo is definitely the power of the team leading the team last year with 32 home runs, he also had a batting average of .286 with 78 RBI.

The Cubs are expecting to bring up Kris Bryant, their best prospect and minor league player of the year last year. The Cubs expect a lot from Bryant to do what he did in the minors.

This is exactly why people are skeptical about the 2015 Cubs; they are putting a lot on the young players to produce and mature fast.

There were a lot of expectations for Javier Baez who they brought up last year with a lot of critics saying he was a major bust striking out 95 times in just 52 games and not producing like everyone hoped he would.

So are these prospects going to be busts are not? So many people say the Cubs are putting a lot on their young players and that they don’t have enough veteran presence to be a winning team yet.

The Cubs have all the talent in the world to be a top team in the National League, it’s just if that have enough to get over the hill to be the best team in the National League Central Division.

The Cubs have the manager to take them to the promised land and definitely the starting pitching to get there, but can they rely on just young talent, or do they need more veteran presence in the club house?

The team has all the confidence in the world and General Manager Jed Hoyer and president Theo Epstein think they have enough to win this year.

Epstein wants to win the division this year and years after that. The Cardinals are still the team to beat in the central as they are predicted to win the division for 2015 and Epstein thinks the Cubs can beat them for the division title.

Anthony Rizzo promised the NL Central crown will come to the North Side this year.

The Cubs are one of the most exciting teams in baseball now and Cub fans are looking forward for the season to start. They know they can be good and for years to come. It just matters if they will be a bust or not.