Womens basketball tips off season

bball2Andrea Neff
ball3Andrea Neff

As December dawns, the IVCC women’s basketball team heads into the heart of their schedule.

The team has played five games so far this season and has compiled a 1-4 record. The Lady Eagles have three returning sophomores this season: Karly Near of Mendota, Mia Porter of LaSalle-Peru, and Kaylee Kingen of Midland. The returning sophomores welcome five freshmen players: Lexi Collins of Earlville, Daniela Pavlovich of Putnam County, Raley Mauck of St.Bede, Becca Herrmann of Hall, Venessa Voss of Putnam County, and Randy Leininger of LaSalle-Peru.

The team started their season by participating in the ICC Jamboree in East Peoria during early October. The team used this as a way to improve team chemistry.

The regular season kicked off with a 64-61 loss to UW-Rock County. The team showed a lot of heart after closing the gap to a few points in the final minutes after being down as many as fifteen late in the game.

During the team’s game against Waubonsee on Veteran’s Day, the Lady Eagles’freshman gaurd Daniela Pavlovich was lost for the season after tearing the ACL in her left knee. Since the injury the team has struggled, losing three straight games.
The mindset of the team remains focused on positive attitudes. “It’s a long season and we have a lot of basketball left to play,” freshman forward Raley Mauck commented.

The Lady Eagles will play through the end of February, and regionals will start right after. Regionals will run through March. The NJCAA National Womens College Basketball Tournament will be held in Kansas on March 17-21.