Uh Oh and 2: New Orleans, Indy stumble out of the gate

It may be a long season, but some NFL teams seem to already be struggling to find their stride. The Indianapolis Colts and The New Orleans Saints, who both came into the season as Super Bowl contenders and both have started off 0-2.

The Colts opened up against Peyton Manning and the reigning AFC Champion Broncos. A thrilling game throughout came down to the wire. With 4th and 6 at the Denver 39, rookie Brandon Roby blanketed veteran wide out Reggie Wayne giving Denver the 31-24 victory.

The Saints were unable to stave off the explosive Falcons offense in an overtime shootout. The 37-34 loss came in a game where Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan scorched what was supposed to be an improved Saints defense for a career high 448 yards.

Week 2 would prove no different for the Colts. Facing another tough foe in the perennial playoff Eagles, the Colts this time blew a fourth quarter lead and putting them in a dreaded 0-2 hole. Though they were close within both of their games, it begs the question as to why they aren’t closing out for wins.

The Saints meanwhile gave up a late game-winning drive to the woeful Cleveland Browns dropping to 0-2 in an embarrassing fashion. There should be no way that the Cleveland Browns without Josh Gordon should have even been in the same score range as New Orleans, let alone beat them.

Though some may feel these teams will come back to win their division it is important to state that when starting off 0-2 your playoff chances drop to about 12% historically. I personally can’t right off either of these teams.

I can’t write off the Colts because they should win their division by default, due to the lack-luster competition of that division. The Saints, though in a tougher division, still have play makers all over the map and one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks in Drew Brees.

Did I mention the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Texans are both 2-0? Parity is alive and well in the NFL.