Women’s tennis prepares for upcoming season

Jake Orr, IV Leader Writer

The IVCC Women’s tennis team is looking to have another successful year. Last year after making it to the national tournament they look to make it again. Their team has four incoming freshmen and three veteran sophomores, and their coach is Julie Milota. The team is now officially Division 3 instead of Division 2, which means that student athletes will no longer receive tuition waivers. The majority of teams that IVCC will be playing are Division 1, which means their student athletes receive tuition waivers plus room and board.

Milota said that she is excited for the year ahead. She spoke about taking the team to Flushing Meadows, N.Y., where the U.S. Women’s Open is played and shared that the team even got to play on the courts. “The women are great teammates, they work together, beautifully,” Coach Milota said. She stated that they have some goals they plan on accomplishing by their first meet, which is on Sept. 5. Milota believes they are ready to compete and that she and the team are looking forward to a great year. Visit the IVCC athletic Web page to check out their schedule. Home games are played at Hegeler Park in La Salle.