Tennis teams ready to racket

Joe Frye, IV Leader Sports Editor

With the temperature rising, both tennis teams are headed back to court.

With the women’s team headed to Tyler, Texas, for national competition, every girl is preparing for the best competition they have ever faced.

The drive down South begins on May 2, where every girl on the team has qualified.

Practice has restarted and freshmen Bianca Sutton (Ottawa), who qualified in both singles and doubles, is eager to get down to Texas.

“It’s not really going to hit us until that first meet starts,” Sutton said. “We are all really excited and anxious, we can’t wait.”

Counting down the practices and even using some practice meets to their advantage the girls are preparing and hoping to make IVCC proud.

“We hope to win as many meets as possible and use this experience for next year as well,” stated Sutton.

On the other side is the boys team, who just started to their season with two tough losses to Aurora University and Prairie State.

With a long upcoming road trip and many games to be played, the boys team looks to improve their record and all prove individually as well.

“We have to take it one step at a time, were working very hard,” said sophomore Matt Guenther (Ottawa).