Tennis teams continue fund raising for trip, tournament

Sam Brolley, IV Leader Staff

The women’s tennis team under head coach Julie Milota has been fund raising so that they can attend the National Junior College Athletic Association national tournament in May.

Milota hopes the six players on the women’s team will raise enough over the next few months for the trek to Texas. At this time, more than $550 has been collected from corporate sources and private sponsorship letters sent to friends and family. An online auction is planned for the first week of March. Last year, Milota said the group would need to raise about $5,000 to attend.

The men’s tennis team, led by sophomores Matt Guenther and Nate Adcock, has been equally busy fund raising for a tournament two weeks after the regular season ends.

The seven men of the tennis team conducted a euchre tournament that brought in over $100.

Milota, the volunteer head coach of both tennis teams, said her players have been targeting alumni in their most recent fund raising efforts.