Pacer’s Look to Stay Hot!

Justin Kelley, Sports Writer

The National Basket Basketball (NBA) season is almost half over and in my opinion the hottest team in the league is the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers have best record in the Eastern Conference of 32-7 and have one of the league’s best scorer’s in Paul George. According George averages 23.2 points and 3.5 assists. On the other hand teams like Miami Heat, Portland Trail Blazers, or The Oklahoma City Thunder have different idea. The reason I say that is the Thunder have the league’s best scorer in Kevin Durant who averages 30.6 points per game (, Portland has one of the best point guard’s in Damian Lillard and there’s the Heat who are the reigning champions

Although the Pacers don’t have NBA finals experience they did take The Heat to seven games in last’s years Eastern Conference. The Pacers have other reasons of being good such as the length at every position and depth at every position the Pacers pose. One example of this  would have to  be Roy Hibbert, who is consider on of the best centers in the league, and Lance Stephenson who is a shooting guard who can spot up shoot and drive to the basket.

The only problem I do have with the Indians Pacers is how they are handling the ball, and the states the Pacers are ninth in the league by giving the ball up 15.4 times a game. In the near future the Pacers will being that number down and finish strong. When the playoffs do come I believe the Pacers do have what it takes to win t a championship, but they need to work hard and play like they do in the regular season.