Mr. Marathon


Rick Mangold, IVCC psychology professor, competes in a marathon in Cordova, Alaska. Mangold has run in all 50 states.

After almost two decades of unceasing commitment, Professor Richard Mangold, psychology and sociology teacher at IVCC, successfully completed a marathon in each of the 50 states.

On July 27, 2013, Mangold participated in the King Salmon Marathon in Cordova, Alaska; the 50th state. As unusual as this may seem, both Mangold and confirm the existence of at least two organizations focused around this same goal; the “50 States Club” and the “50 States Sub-4 Hr Club.”

“I believe the best way to see a city is on foot,” said Mangold when asked about his travels. Not only has Mangold participated in marathons in the United States, but he has crossed terrain in both Ireland and Sweden, racking up about 80 total races in his lifetime. These include two 50k, two 50 mile marathons, and four “ultramarathons.”

Despite his remarkable accomplishments, Mangold claims he was not always interested in long-distance running. In high school track he described himself as “dependable, but by no means a star.” Roughly 15 years ago, he made the decision to make a positive, healthy change in his life and began running competitively two years later.

While in the prime of his running career, Mangold put in about 100 miles/week of training, now keeping up with half of that.

He makes good use of local resources such as the IVCC Fitness Center located on campus as well as the I & M Canal towpath and Starved Rock State Park.

Though he says he’s “slowing down,” he plans on participating in a 100k marathon at the ripe age of 60, and possibly competing in a triathlon… if his swimming abilities catch up with his running.

Although his successes have been numerous, Mangold focuses mostly on the personal benefits he’s reaped from his running endeavors. He says that staying active improves functions of the brain, such as ability to study and stay attentive.

How long does he plan to continue on this course? “Until I’m dead probably… it could happen while I’m running.”

Mangold encourages students to experience long-distance running for themselves through the IVCC Running Club.

“Anyone interested in running whether it’s for run, fitness or even competition is welcome,” reads the club’s flier.

The running club will be providing a marathon and half marathon training program leading up to the Inaugural Starved Rock County Marathon on May 10.

If interested in participating, contact Mangold at (815) 224- 0367, office D-302, or through IVCC e-mail at [email protected]