Bulls season has different outlook after Rose injury.

Joe Frye, IV Leader Co-Sports Editor

Well, now what? After tearing his

right meniscus in his knee Derrick

Rose, is yes, out for the entire 2013-

2014 season. Wow.

I only think its fair we now do a

second Bulls preview. A handful of

games into the season what do the

Bulls do now? With dumb twitter

rants about tanking, being a lottery

team, and never having a championship

chance, let’s look over the

many options the Chicago Bulls have.


Option 1


. Play it out, make a big

trade. Rumors are milling of the Bulls

needing to make a splash half way

through the year and landing a blockbuster

trade. Now with Rose out scoring

is once again going to be an issue.

Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer are hot

commodities and there are trade options

out there that would suit the

Bulls not only this season, but in the

future hopefully with #No. 1 at the

helm.Guys, I am looking at for the

Bulls to consider are Kevin Love of

the Minnesota Timberwolves, Al Horford

of the Atlanta Hawks and Lamarcus

Aldridge of the Portland


As you can see the Bulls need help

at the power forward and center slot

and these big bodies would help the

Bulls this season as they all are Allstar

players. With the T’wolves and

Blazers playing really well, I think

Horford would be a perfect solution.

Horford and Joakim Noah were teammates

at Florida and won two National

Championships and Noah

openly has said Horford is like his

brother and favorite teammate of alltime.

With the Hawks being mediocre,

why not trade Carlos Boozer and

maybe a draft pick or two to Atlanta

and grab Horford who is looking for a

change of scenery.

They’ve played with this talent before

and can be a solid seed in the

Eastern Conference with their current

group of players, but if they want a

player to help contend they must grab

a player now and then wait for Rose

next season.


Option 2


. Trade away Deng and

Boozer now, and try and land a big

name in free agency.

This is not a “tanking” ploy to be

in the hunt for a lottery pick but with

Dengs’ Bulls future up in the air, and

Boozers contract up you can trade

them now and look towards the 2014

free agency class that is riddled with

talent and then weigh your options

with “TheReturn 2.”


Option 3


. Tank. I hate this word

and I am grimacing while I write this

but really there are three draft classes

in the NBA that people still talk

about: 1994, 2003 and 2014.

This class is loaded with talent

and if you want a superstar talent and

need a top 10 pick, why not lose on


It’s immoral, wrong and sort of

cheesy but if Rose’s health is a concern

down the road you will need a

big name to stabilize the Bulls going

forward. Its always an option but

never a guarantee and I highly doubt

the Bulls pull this scheme, but I

would only bring this up if it was

worth it and THIS IS WORTH IT.

If I can end on this note it is that

what has happened to Rose these last

few years has been devastating to me,

the Bulls and the City of Chicago.

But what Rose is doing is preventing

himself from being hurt his entire life,


So angry and sad Bulls fan do not

cover up your tears with twitter rants

on how Rose should be back in a

month because this is his best option

as a basketball player and a healthy

human being.

When it comes to the Bulls, they

still have a season to play with two

returning All-stars on the roster and a

top 5 coach on their bench. They have

done this before and we will just wait

for the Return, again.