Tennis raises funds for trip to nationals

Brandon Urbance, IV Leader Sports Writer

The IVCC Lady Eagles tennis team has made
it to nationals in Tyler, Texas; however, getting
there may not be so easy.
With the sports programs receiving financial
cuts, the tennis team has a lot of work ahead of
them. One main obstacle in their way is raising the
money it will take to get Texas in May 2014.
With the recent budget cuts the tennis team is
essentially on their own to pay for all expenses.
Some of the expenses include transportation, hotel
rooms, and food. With fees adding up quickly,
Coach Julie Milota said the team is looking to
fund raise at least $5, 000 to pay for their trip.
Although Coach Milota and her team have
many ideas for fundraising, they are still waiting
for approval by administration. Milota said she
plans to announce the fundraisers as soon as the
dates are set.
In addition to fund raisers, the team also will
accept donations. Those who want to donate toward
the trip’s costs can contact Milota.
As soon as the team reaches their goal of raising
$5,000, they plan to devote their full attention
to preparing for nationals.
Coach Milota is no stranger to the pressure of
nationals, having been there during her 1992-93
She described it as “the most amazing ‘tennis’
experience. It is something you never forget. It
may be the last time you ever play that well…and
should take every opportunity like this and reap
the benefits they offer.”
Coach Milota has unquestionable confidence
in her team. She has seen the diligent work these
ladies have put in to get to this level and how they
continue to strive to be national champions.
They are eager to get down to Tyler, Texas and
see what the rest of the country has to offer, she
Not only do they want to place as a team, but
as individuals as well.
The tennis team includes April Kutz (LP),
Karly Rosencrans (Ottawa), Kayla Guenther (Ottawa),
Kaylee Sienza (St. Bede), Bianca Sutton
(Ottawa) and Emily Santman (Ottawa).