Storm the court responsibly please

Joe Frye, IV Leader Staff

In the month of March there is one sport that rules all, college basketball. As March Madness approaches teams all teams are getting ready to start the NCAA College Basketball Tournament. We all love a good upset, in any sport upsets are always a pleasure to witness. In college basketball especially, upsets are a rather big deal and student sections love to chant, scream and go nuts for their team and against their opponent. But if there is one thing I dislike in college basketball, its when fans storm the court.

Storming the court consists of the student section and fans running onto the court after the final buzzer sounds in support of their team who were underdogs or won on a last second shot. It is really a cool way to thank your team for playing hard, but this regular season ruined it.

There is a common courtesy in storming the court and this year all lines have been crossed and really it is becoming a cliche and a corny act after every game. Storming the court should not be planned or staged by your athletic director, it’s better when spontaneous and last minute. No, it seems no matter what if you are an underdog you must run onto the court.

Take a step in Duke’s shoes this year, they have four losses this year and in every single one of their losses the other team has flooded the gates. Now, this shows that Duke is a juggernaut program and so well respected that it is a giant win when someone else beats them.

An example of a quality court storming is what happened in Champaign, as the Illinois Fighting Illini took on, at that point, the No. 1 team in the country, the Indiana Hoosiers. Illinois was down the entire game until tying it with seconds left, then after an abrupt Indiana turnover, Illinois had the basketball under their own basket with 0.9 seconds left to play. Tyler Griffey would then make a layup as time expired and the Illinois faithful proceeded to storm the court. That is the right time to storm the court, on a buzzer beater against the top team in the country; it’s a spontaneous act, at home, where an underachieving team beats a top tier opponent.

As a college basketball fan, I say keep the upsets coming, but fans please be more intelligent on when to storm the court. I love seeing a court storming, at the right time that is, and hope to see the NCAA and the rest of college basketball fix this problem.