SGA president doubles as MMA fighter


Mitch Schafer, IV Leader Staff

Fans of mixed martial arts can see IVCC’s Student Body President Omar Aburomi and two other students, Jason and Ryan Huebbe, fight Oct. 13 in La Salle.
The event will be at the Pink Flamingo and the doors will open around 6, but Omar, Jason and Ryan won’t be fighting until later that night around 9.  Omar will fight Nick Spolec from La Salle, Jason will fight Jeremy Moore from Streator, and Ryan will be fight Ben Rogers from Streator.
Omar and Jason have been practicing MMA  for a few months now, but they did not just jump right into MMA. Omar wrestled his senior year of high school, and has been boxing for three years before practicing MMA for the past four months, and Jason started wrestling during his sophomore year at La Salle-Peru High School.  Jason also went to the University of Dubuque to wrestle, but started practicing MMA halfway through his freshman year, and transferred to IVCC this past year.
However, to be able to compete at the level they do, peak physical condition must be attained.  Jason and his brother, Ryan, go to the YMCA six days a week and lift weights.
Both say they must eat healthy and stay in shape as part of their dedication to the sport.
A  lot of time must be spent both preparing and training for a fight, and Omar says, “As a student it gets pretty difficult, especially when you’re taking an anatomy class.”
Also, when fight night draws closer and closer, the two will spar with each other to help each other get ready for the fight.
The fighters say there are some perks that come with MMA.
Omar says that it makes you “fearless, patient, and respected,” whereas Jason went with the more physical rewards and explained how MMA is a great way to stay in shape, it is something fun to do, and hopefully one day when he goes pro, he will be able to get paid.
Tickets for the Oct. 13 event in La Salle are on sale now.
Ringside seats are $40, reserved seats will be $30, and general admission seats are $20.
Jason will be selling tickets at IVCC and Omar will also be selling tickets for the Student Government Association at IVCC, and a percentage of the money will be donated to breast cancer awareness.