Cutbacks of all kind across IVCC

Joseph Marenda

Hello, everyone! I apologize for my absence in the past two issues of the IV Leader, but I am excited to inform you on everything since my last article. Although the weather has been all over the place the past few weeks, I hope everyone is settling in and enjoying their spring semester.

I am very happy to announce that tuition will not be seeing an increase in the upcoming year.

The tuition rates will be remaining the same as the previous year—something I am sure we can all rejoice about. Although, there will be changes regarding to course fees.

The IVCC Board has approved changes to 86 course fees which include 62 increases, two new courses, 15 decreases, and the assignment of a course fee to seven existing courses.

These decisions have been studied in great detail and will allow each program to continue to prosper and offer our students with an amazing education.

On a different note, I am saddened to announce the decisionof the board to have to set the Graphic Design Technology Degree and Certificate and the Human Services Degree and Certificates as inactive.

Unfortunately, enrollment and completion of the degree or certificate in each of these programs has seen a steady decline in recent years, which lead the board and administrators to come to such a conclusion.

However, a one-year teach-out will be offered to students whoare already enrolled in either program.

As we head near the half-point of the spring semester I hope everyone is enjoying their time at IVCC.

The Student Government Association and I, sometime during the next few weeks, will be offering a survey regarding your thoughts on our new food service, Demilio’s Deli.

The survey will be handed out in front of our office in the Student Center so make sure to stop on by. Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated amongst us and Demilio’s Deli.

Also, do not be afraid to stop by our office if there is anything else you feel the need to talk about to one of our members or myself. You can also contact me through my email, which is located on the college’s website. Go Eagles!