2023-24 Student Trustee says hello

Elizabeth Boyles, Student Trustee

Hello, Eagles! My name is Elizabeth Boyles, but I go by “Libby” most of the time. I have been voted in as Student Trustee for the 2023-24 school year, filling the role of Ashten Dille.
During the 2023-24 school year, I will be a sophomore. I also recently received the opportunity to become a Student Ambassador, where I will advance and share my knowledge about IVCC with any current, new or prospective students.
During my first year at IVCC, I played both volleyball and softball. I was also voted into the Student Government Association on the Freshman Programming Board and was an active participant in SGA meetings and events.
As Student Trustee, I plan to seek the opinions of the entire student body on any and all issues and be a voice to our Board of Trustees as well as our other electees in the Student Government Association.
I also plan to be informative to all students about topics discussed in the monthly board meetings with the Board of Trustees. I will do so by writing a column in every new issue of the IV Leader.
As a voice for the students, all students will be able to come to me with any concerns. You may contact me via email [email protected] and/or find me in the SGA office, located in the Student Life Space, across from the Ping Pong room. I will be in the SGA office when my schedule allows, but you are always welcome to leave me a note in the SGA office or send me an email.