Campus Question: Black History Month

Bonnie Hall, IV Leader Staff

What does Black History Month
mean to you?

To me, it’s the month created to focus attention on the contributions of African Americans to the United States.

-Paige Worden, Ladd


Who are your favorite Black music
artists to listen to?

Chuck Berry is my top pick. Howard Jones, and Tommy Vext are great, too.

-Liam McGann, Mendota


What IVCC Black History month
event interests you?

The Annual Soul Food buffet!

-Allie Hernandez, DePue

I love the annual soul food buffet, it’s my favorite part of the year.

-Perris Stachlewitz, Mendota


Who is an influential Black person
you look up to?

I really Lauryn Hill. Her music entirely changed the music industry. She pushed back against an industry that was so against Black artists, but especially woman Black artists. She has become a political and overall influential icon with her
music. She has a certain rawness in her music that anyone could take inspiration from.

-Amaya Olivas, Mendota