Wrap up your gifts with Spotify

Most of us can’t wait for the semester to end on Dec. 12, but will that leave you enough time to buy all your Christmas gifts? Sure, with a couple weeks until the holiday, you’re probably fine. But if you often struggle to come up with a special something for your friends or family, inspiration might be easier than you think.

About a week ago, Spotify announced that their annual “Wrapped” playlist will be arriving soon. The site calls this individualized, yearly collection “a deep dive into the music and podcasts that defined your 2022.”

Typically, the Wrapped lists drop at the start of December. Even if you don’t have Spotify, it’s hard to miss the release—no matter which social media platform you use, you’re bound to find screenshots of your friends’ favorite bands and artists. Spotify Wrapped provides the listener with their top five artists, songs, and albums of the current year. 

Why share all this about Spotify? After all, I hardly use the app myself. What I can tell you, though, is the site makes spreading Christmas spirit so much easier—not to mention cheaper. 

Music is a great gift. While the days of burning songs onto CDs and walkman radios are behind us, sharing and sending music hasn’t gotten any less sentimental. There are plenty of ways to make a present out of your best friend’s Spotify screenshot, and none of them will break the bank (which, as college students, we’re all trying to avoid). 

One example would be to create a playlist the both of you can share. Include songs from your giftee’s playlist and your own, give it a cute title, and share the link. This idea is great for a long-distance relationship, or for a friend you’ve lost touch with since high school. It’s not super deep, but it is super fun—and your giftee will know that you, well, know them. 

You might also consider creating an ornament of an album cover. Simply print out the picture you want, apply it to a dollar store mini-frame or cardstock, attach a loop, and you’re done. You can check DIY sites for different versions of this idea. Be creative!

Framed lyrics are perfect for a simple, personalized decoration for a close friend or romantic partner. If you’re feeling extra crafty, try incorporating the words into a painting, or even sewing them onto a pillow. 

Buying merch is another idea, albeit a little more costly. T-shirts are a classic, but maybe think outside the (gift)box with items like mugs, jewelry, stickers, or socks. Check sites like Etsy or Amazon Handmade for unique designs.

Spotify Wrapped is great for checking out a user’s listening statistics—but why leave it at that? Make the most of the social media craze by turning those playlists into wish lists. And don’t worry if your homemade gift isn’t the most beautiful (or the straight-up ugliest) thing you’ve ever seen. Remember, it’s the thought that counts—and if you’re really unconfident, just slip some candy in there, too. 

The holidays shouldn’t have to be stressful, especially after a long, exhausting semester. Hopefully these tips can help ease the burden. Have a merry, musical Christmas, Eagles!