Paparazzi cause privacy controversy

Hope Beelman, IV Leader Editor

While many individuals may believe public figures should expect to be photographed by paparazzi on a daily basis, others may feel differently about the controversial profession in regard to respecting the private lives of celebrities.

Everyone deserves the right to privacy; however, most public figures are deprived of it due to paparazzi being able to capture photos in public places without permission. Nevertheless, celebrities are legally protected from being photographed in places where they may have reasonable expectations of privacy.

Paparazzi are known to be invasive as they sell photos of public figures to media organizations and tabloids who often create false stories to gain traction. Many believe the privacy of celebrities should be held to the same standard as those who are not in the spotlight.

However, public figures benefit greatly from paparazzi photos as their reputation must be built on more than just talent. By projecting a consistent image to the public, celebrities are able to establish their influence as well as control how they appear to society.

The article “Why Paparazzi Are Good for Us” from TIME news magazine by Andrew Mendelson details how paparazzi are capable of helping public figures maintain an image or destroy their identity.

“More than an invasion of privacy, the paparazzi represent a challenge to the control of a celebrity’s image, and thus to their wealth, status and power,” explains Mendelson.

Although paparazzi photos may illustrate a well-constructed image of a public figure, “Exposure by the paparazzi is not just embarrassing but can be economically damaging, threatening endorsements or hurting box office sales,” Mendelson states.

Additionally, Mendelson describes the difference between photographers and paparazzi as those who shoot for red carpets, magazine covers, and more “allow celebrities control over how they appear” while paparazzi would rather capture candid photos of public figures in their daily lives.

Paparazzi happen to play a big role in the lives of public figures whether they choose to be photographed or not. It is important to remember that all celebrities should be treated with the same respect and privacy as the rest of society despite their fame.