Graphic design: A new era of art

Hope Stunkel, IV Leader Columnist

A lot of people may have heard about graphic design and know the definition which is electric art. The definition has stayed the same over the years, but the platforms and styles have changed. Before the platform was on a desktop computer and other devices like tablets and smartphones came out.

Nowadays, we have affordable access to drawing apps like Doodle Master, ibis Paint X, and Procreate on all compatible Apple devices, and MediBang for all compatible Android devices. All of these have unique features, but they are all common with the ability to create. A lot of them are affordable or even free annually.

There are a lot of tutorials to learn how to do graphic design all over YouTube and Skillshare because when someone first begins using a graphic design app, it can be really confusing.

Graphic design can be used to create so many things like business logos, business cards, stickers, photoshop, advertising and so much more. My favorite and a popular thing to do with graphic design is to create stickers with a the help of Procreate and a Cricut machine. I see people all the time using Cricut Design Space, drawing out their design on there iPad or touch screen laptop, and printing it on sticker paper. The Cricut does all of the magic.

Another common thing that graphic design can be commonly used for is creating a website for businesses big and small. Creating a website was complicated back then, even a decade ago, but now it is so easy to use platforms like Wix, GoDaddy, and Squarespace, to give a few popular examples, which can be used for business or blogging purposes.

There are so many other ways that graphic design can be used. Where will your design take you?