A Warm Welcome Back

Madison Miranda

Welcome back Eagles! Student Trustee Madison Miranda here. I hope you all had a wonderful winter break! Although many of us have not been on campus as much due to rising COVID-19 cases in our area, the board and I are very hopeful that we can be in-person as much as we were last semester. 

To clarify, the college had decided to offer courses in an online format only for the first week of the semester. However, given our area’s circumstances, the college discussed with both faculty and administration leadership and agreed to let faculty offer another week of online formats.

The college plans to see all your faces, or half faces if you will, but also needs to do what’s best for the safety and health of faculty and students. We ask that you are patient and supportive with decisions like these. The college plans to review local case numbers weekly. If weeks of online formats are offered, you will be alerted.

Students who have a mix of in-person and online classes who need access to a computer, webcam, microphone, and technology support may visit the Academic Support Center, A201, on the Oglesby Campus. Students may also visit www.ivcc.edu/shd for student technology information. For more information call 815-224-0318

In other news, the Board of Trustees recently held a meeting on Jan. 13. Here, Leslie Hofer gave an excellent presentation on the college’s employee demographics. It was very informational and important for the Board to see.

The Board also approved to begin a child activity center in partnership with the local YMCA. More information and details are to follow, but we are hopeful to get this center up and running as soon as possible. The college is understanding that some who have kids are not able to make it to classes because of parental duties. We are very excited about this partnership. 

Lastly, the Student Government Association will be updating their office hours soon. Come see us for any questions, concerns, and or ideas. You can contact me any time at [email protected]. Let’s crush this spring semester Eagles!