Student goals presented to President’s council

Madison Miranda

Hello Eagles, Student Trustee Madison here. We have officially made it through half of the semester. Hopefully you are all doing well!

For those who need extra help, you can visit the Academic Support Center located in A-201 or visit the IVCC website and click on “I am a” student.

Moving on, the Board of Trustees recently held a meeting on Oct. 14. At the meeting, the Board went over staffing updates as well as approving budgets.

In attendance was Dr. Gary C. Roberts who will be appointed as Vice President for Academic Affairs beginning in January of 2022. We were happy to welcome him into the IVCC community and are very excited to work with him starting in January.

There was a public comment made at the meeting regarding what the Board intends to do with the fitness center that was sadly shut down due to Covid-19. We hope to provide more information about that soon.

SGA also recently held a meeting with the President’s council on Oct. 21. Here, we discussed goals each individual member has for the school year. The members presented very well thought-out reachable goals. All of these goals focused around what else IVCC could do to promote inclusion, provide resources/information, make campus a fun environment and make it feel like a second home.

As a reminder, the Board meets the second Tuesday of every month. If anyone has any questions or concerts, you can contact me at [email protected]. I also hold office hours in the Student Life Space on Mondays from 10-11 a.m.

There are a lot of updates and information about what is going on around campus on IVCC’s social media platforms. Make sure to give those a follow. Have a great rest of the semester and Go Eagles!