Until Next Year: A Word From the Editor

Justice Petersen, IV Leader Editor

It goes without saying that this past academic year has been the most difficult for many of us at IVCC, students and staff alike. With the year coming to a close and this issue being this year’s final issue of IV Leader, as the editor I would like to congratulate all of you for making it to where you are now. 

Individuals have faced turmoil on several fronts this past year, whether it be political, mental, or emotional. It seems there have been many times where it would have been very convenient if the world just took a five-minute break and gave everyone time to catch up for a bit and at least try and attempt to get ahold of things.  

However, the world is not physically able to pause, for this would probably defy several known laws of physics. But despite this, I know of many students who continued to attend every zoom class, who continued to participate in extracurricular activities, and who made every effort to support their peers when they felt like giving up (and justifiably so).  

Additionally, I know that every staff member at IVCC continuously fought through the world’s adversities. IVCC never failed to let students know that they were there for them and that the well-being of the students was what mattered most, all while making sure to instill CDC guidelines and put safety above everything else.  

One thing I always admired about IVCC is the copious number of resources and faculty members that students could turn to if they ever needed help, whether it be academically or emotionally.  

With these next few weeks there will be finals, graduations, summer vacations, and possibly transferring to universities and moving out into that great big world. Even though we are in a global pandemic, young college students shouldn’t lose their passion to see the world and take on every opportunity for new experiences and adventure.  

As a final word from the editor, I will keep it simple. Congratulations to you, the reader, for fighting with all your might and making it this far. And thank you for being you. Until next year!