Sold on ‘Soul’

Hallie Hellman, IV Leader Columnist

Have you ever thought about what happens to your soul after you pass away? There are many beliefs out there as to what happens to it after we die. Depending on what you believe in, and what religious beliefs you have, they could vary. 

In this movie, a theory is proposed on what happens to our souls after we pass into the next world. It basically shows that our souls go up an escalator to the “Great Beyond”, which in other words we would call heaven. They also added a place called the “Great Before.” The “Great Before” was described in the movie as a place where our souls go to develop personalities and learn certain things before they come to Earth. They cannot use the “Earth Portal” until their personality is fully developed.

Joe is the main character of this story and he is the one that goes through all of this, but he meets a little soul named 22. He meets her and they end up going on an adventure down to Earth. A slight mix-up happens after they get to his body and 22 ends up going inside the body and Joe ends up going inside a cat. They end up resolving the issue and he ends up back in his original body. He finds a way to get back without dying, finds 22, saves her, and then he gives up this life on Earth so that she can go live the life she wants there.

The Jerry’s, which are the people that represent the entire universe, give him another chance on Earth to live the life he wants because they were inspired by what he did for 22. He says that he will try to be the happiest he can throughout this life and live, live, live as much as he can!

If you were put in this same situation and weren’t happy with your life, would you give up your own life so that another could live their dream life, or would you keep your life and try to live it to your fullest?