A Hot Take on “New Year, New Me”

Justice Petersen, IV Leader Editor

The year 2021 is finally here, along with the death of 2020. Just like with any new year that comes along, the classic phrase of “new year, new me” arises once again. 

Every year we see posts all over social media with people proudly posting the caption, “New year, new me!” However, after the first few weeks, we see this eagerness die as the high from New Year’s Eve soon passes by. 

This routine is seen year after year, so much to the point that the concept of “new year, new me” is often said with mockery and disdain. ‘New year, new me? Yeah, that’s what everybody said last year and it’s all the same.’

Here’s a hot take: the idea of a new year and a fresh start does not have to be associated with a cheesy caption on social media. One shouldn’t be ashamed to see a new year as an opportunity as a fresh start. And after the horrifying year that 2020 was, nobody should be blamed for wanting to make 2021 into something so much better. 

With a new year comes new opportunities. A new year is a unique and, quite frankly, brief part of history. There will only ever be one 2021. Feel free to make it yours! 

In addition to this, one should not be ashamed for making New Years resolutions, only for them to become dreams deferred. Everybody does this, because we are human. However, maybe 2021 is the year to finally try something new, or to work towards becoming the person you’ve always seen yourself as. 

Here’s the thing. In 2020, the world saw excruciating depictions of hatred, and so much was taken from us by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even 2021 has had a rocky start so far. Despite this, it is never too late the make the world a little bit better, even if it means finding the little things that will keep you going. 

If optimistic New Year’s resolutions and the proud exclamation of “New year, new me!” is what keeps us going and is what inspires us to make 2021 a glorious year compared to the dreaded 2020, then go for it. New year, new me!