The Importance of a College Student’s Vote

Justice Petersen, IV Leader Editor

With Election Day rapidly approaching on Tuesday, Nov. 3, it is important for people, especially college students, to understand why it is important to vote. 

There are some who believe that voting is not important and it doesn’t make much of a difference. There are actually several reasons as to why it is crucial for a college student to vote.

As much as you might disagree, your vote does matter. If you look at the way the world is now and you don’t like it, you have the power to vote for someone who will change that. College students especially have strength in numbers for this year’s election.

According to an article from ThoughtCo., an estimated 1 in 10 voters this year belong to Generation Z, or people ranging from ages 18 to 23. There is strength in numbers and if college students go out and vote then they are bound to make an impact. 

Additionally, college students represent a special group of citizens, being more racially and ethnically diverse than any other demographic. 

ThoughtCo. writes in their article that “44.4% of eligible voters within Generation Z … identify as Black, Asian American, Latino or Hispanic, or another non-White race versus 33.8% of Generation X … and just 25.4% of Boomers”.

Another reason that a college student should go out and vote is because as you become an adult, the things you vote for now will affect you later on in life.

In these next years of your life, you will graduate from college, buy or rent a house, and continue to travel along your career path. The things or candidates you vote for now will influence these choices that you will have to make one day.

There is no doubt that this election will be different than ones in years past.

Between the Coronavirus Pandemic having no end in sight and our country recently holding one of the most questionable presidential debates in our nation’s history, voting this year will not be like it was before.

It seems that 2020 has made many things not like they were before for college students, whether it be voting or attending class to see their teachers and friends every day.

Despite the difficulties 2020 has brought on, one thing that cannot be taken away is a person’s freedom to speak out for what they believe in.

Essentially, college students are the future leaders of the world. This is why it is important for them to go out and vote and advocate for what they believe is right. And there is strength in numbers, which is why everyone who is able should participate in this year’s election.

Furthermore, don’t let the politics in today’s world discourage you and keep you from voting. The great thing about voting is that if you don’t like what you see in the world, you as an American have the power to go out and make a difference. 


To register to vote or to check to see if you are registered, visit this website: