Student Support available on campus

Caelyn Maltby, IV Leader Staff

In these times of great division there is one thing that many can agree on: college is stressful. Luckily for IVCC students, there are tons of resources offered to help make the journey a bit easier.

For students who are having a difficult time with online learning, YOU@IVCC is a fantastic resource. Students can go to to make an account.

YOU@IVCC offers a great amount of advice on how to make the most out of your academics while coping with a pandemic. Not only are there academic resources, but there are also tools to guide students in their career paths and other aspects of their lives.

There is also the Student Services Podcast, which provides helpful insight. The podcast can be found under “Tools” on the left hand side of the Blackboard@IVCC homepage.

Students in need of help with Blackboard or the technological side of online schooling are encouraged to contact the Student Help Desk. They can be reached through email at [email protected], phone (815) 224-0318, or even in the Learning Commons room D-201.

Also located in D-201 is the Writing Center and Peer Tutoring. Both provide extra help and insight to students seeking it. From studying for an upcoming test to revising an essay, both have intelligent individuals who are eager to help.

For those seeking academic accommodations, disability services are provided as well. Students who have a disability that hinders their learning environment can contact Tina Hardy at [email protected] or 224-0284.

IVCC also offers confidential counseling services for students in emergent situations. They can be found in Community Technology Center (CTC), CTC202 or at 815-224-0360.

For more information on how students can academically succeed at IVCC, read Hope Beelman’s article from this issue which provides efficient tips on studying.