Is it Too Early For Halloween?

It’s September. It’s starting to get a little cooler, the sun is setting earlier and the school year is in full swing, all of which usher in the spirit of Fall. Stores are beginning to stock up on Halloween candy and the seasonal aisles are ready for the holiday, but is it too soon to throw yourself into the spirit of Halloween? 

For a lot of people, especially young people, Fall and Halloween are often synonymous. Many aspects of Fall, such as pumpkins and caramel apples, are tied just as much to Halloween as they are to the season itself. They blend together in a way that makes September and October feel like one big celebration. 

There are those who argue that Halloween doesn’t need to be celebrated for two whole months, who get annoyed when there are already decorations on houses and talk of costumes and plans floating through the air. Teenagers are scoffed at for still going trick-or-treating. But why? What’s the harm in having childlike excitement for a holiday that’s still two months away? Surely we all remember being a child and looking forward to a holiday, whether it be Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas. Why should that feeling now be criticized?

So much of what we are told as children involves making sure not to grow up too fast. We are taught to enjoy being young and not try to rush into our adult years (though many of us do not heed that advice until it’s too late). It seems unfair and against what we are told, then, to have people tell us to tone down those parts of us that want to remain young, such as the part that gets excited for a holiday a few months in advance.

These days we don’t have much to look forward to. Classes are online, gatherings are limited and some sports have been delayed or canceled. Basically, the typical conveniences and our way of life have been challenged and changed.

So, I would say if you love something, lean in. Lean into Halloween. Lean into the season as a whole. If Halloween is something that excites you and gives you something to look forward to, then there’s no reason not to enjoy it to the utmost. We all need something to pick us up emotionally in these still uncertain times.

Get yourself something pumpkin spice flavored and indulge in the joy of these next few months!