Arctic Refuge Drilling? Big Mistake!

Kaed Wisneski, IV Leader Columnist

The Trump administration recently opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to companies looking for oil and gas. This might not sound like a big deal to some, but for people who love the environment and its animals, it hurts to see something like this happen.

I love the environment. It’s hard to convey the right words that express my extreme disappointment in what we call our President. Time after time, President Trump and his administration have ignored common sense and only do what’s best for their own people.

And by “their own people,” I mean the corporations that are unbelievably greedy and couldn’t care less for our environment.

Personally, I think drilling into a designated area that is meant to keep wildlife free from harm or exposure to something that could hurt the environment in the long run is utterly ridiculous.

I know that it’s hard to care for something that doesn’t directly affect you now, but I strongly encourage you to see that what’s happening in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is wrong. Even if it’s a small portion of the refuge being opened to oil companies, it has potential to expand the entire refuge.

I understand that it will create more jobs in Alaska, but do we really want to risk ruining a breathtaking place just for a cash grab?

The effects of drilling the Arctic Refuge is too risky to ignore. Wildlife like the polar bears and caribou and countless other species that reside in the area will be harmed, and potentially killed.

To me, money-hungry companies that just want oil to make a profit, should be banned from anything where wildlife resides. So, basically killing the oil industry. Doesn’t seem like too bad of an idea to me.