You’re Not Cool if You Juul—You’re Dead

According to center4re-, there have been 12 deaths and more than 800 cases of serious lung illness related to e-cigarettes in the month of Sept. 2019.

A Juul is a device that heats up cartridges containing oil which creates a vapor into your lungs and dissolves quick- ly in the air. Juuls have been around for a couple of years now and are more popular

with young adults and chil- dren. Juuls are also part of the e-cigarette family, and nobody really knows the long-term ef- fects on them due to how new they are.

The reason that the young- er generations find them so popular is because of the sleek design, multiple flavors to smoke, and the fact that you can charge them anywhere, from your computer, in your car, or with a wall charger.

The reason e-cigarettes were created in the first place was to have a safer way to inhale nicotine without the tobacco. The difference between Juuling and using an e-cigarette is that the pods of liquid that Juuls use have twice as much nicotine in them than regular e-cigarettes; you might want to think about that if you decide you want to try a Juul.

Not only is Juuling bad for your health, but also is very dangerous. Because Juuling is so new to our society, nobody knows what the long-term effects may be. Scientists are also not test- ing the effects on animals, so that means the teenagers and young adults choosing to Juul are basically the test monkeys. An anonymous source that said he quit because he felt his overall health was at risk.

“I quit because you start to feel crappy about yourself, and not knowing the effects in the long run,” he explained. “It feels like you drank two energy drinks and then became exhausted. I needed my inhaler multiple times, and it felt like your heart races and you’re gonna die.”

If you are someone who va- pes or uses a Juul, maybe you have been given enough infor- mation that you will consider quitting. Not only are the long- term effects unknown, but the short-term effects seem to put a big toll on your body.