Care about the Environment? Shop Freitag!

Payton Erricson, IV Leader Columnist

     One of the biggest issues we face in the world is pollution, from burning coal for electricity to the pesticides used to kill weeds to the millions of pounds of garbage we throw away. 

     With such a big problem, what can one person do to feel like they are making a difference? 

     Well, especially as the holiday season approaches us, the answer is pretty simple. Shop!

     There is a good selection of companies that try to do something for the Earth with every purchase you make.

     My current favorite would have to be Freitag. Freitag is a German based company that makes bags and clothing from recycled materials. 

     While their clothing is a new concept, the bags are what have been drawing eco-conscious Europeans to shop with them. Freitag bags are made of used truck tarps that can be repurposed into everything from small purses to backpacks to large duffel bags. 

      By reusing the tarps, Freitag can offer a durable and waterproof bag that keeps the used materials out of landfills. 

     With every purchase you are bound to have a bag that is one of a kind.  The use of repurposing truck tarps makes Freitag an excellent way to make a difference and look great doing it.