Study Abroad for the Food

Bonjour! Did you knowthat IVCC offers oppor- tunities to study overseasto different countries?

An enriching cultural experience and flexible enough to fit in fall, springor even a summer semester.

Last summer, IVCC sophomore Morgan Phillips took advantage of the program and took a class in Dijon, France. The summer semester was very easy to fit into her schedule as it lasted exactly one month.

“One of the best parts of studying abroad was
the best food! The super- market had high quality food, especially the crepes. I even sent my parents abottle of French wine whileI was there,” said Phillips.

She went on to say how the best way to save cash while studying abroad is buying your own groceries at the market and preparing your own meals in the dorm.

“Going out to eat at arestaurant can be very expen- sive, and the portion sizes in France are smaller. It is qualityover quantity,” she explained.

While in France, she had the opportunity to sample many local cheeses, breads and pastries making theentire experience more rich.

As for the language barrier, Phillips had an advantage as she had taken three years of French language in high school.

The immersion process notonly helped Phillips strength- en her French language
skills but it also helped open her eyes to a new culture.

During her stay in France, she had the opportunity to in- teract with other study abroad students. She said the wholetrip boosted her confidence inher skill level in the language.

As for cultural advice to other students considering traveling abroad, Phillips said, “Europe is a great place totravel if you’re young. Theyreally value young people.They discount public trans- portation for students.”

She also advised not to
be daunted if one does not speak another language: “English is a big commu- nication language, and professors are lenient and very helpful even if your language skills aren’t perfect.It is okay to be relaxed!”

If you would like to findout more information about studying abroad during
your time here at IVCC, contact coordinator SteveAlvin by visiting his office atD-305, calling him at 815- 224-0423 or emailing him
at [email protected]