Conspiracy Theories: Twitter Poll Shows Your Votes for Favorite Cryptid

Kacie Cusick, IV Leader Media Manager


Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

If so, you are not alone. According to arecent Twitter poll, eighty six percent of peoplebelieve in some sort of conspiracy theory.

Unsurprisingly, almost 50% of voters select- ed the theory that Area 51 has hosted alien life.

In second place, voters resonated with thenotion that a version of sasquatch exists some- where in the deep forests of North America, lurking in low quality cell phone videos.

In a close third place, the idea that maybe,just maybe, the moon landing was filmed in aHollywood studio instead of on the moon itself.

Conspiracy theories continue to be a hot topic and will re- main so until they are debunked.

Honorable mentions of conspiracy theories not listed in this poll are illuminati, bermuda triangle and government controlled jet streams.