News from the board: retirement, furniture

Matt Pehoski, Student Trustee

Hello everyone! I hope that your spring semester is going well and that your classes are ones that you enjoy. The February board meeting had a lot of exciting things that went on that I am here to tell you about.

First, I am sure that you have all heard by now that the board has improved a $3 per credit hour tuition increase due to take effect in the summer of this year.

This tuition hike is not the type of thing that we wish we could provide for the students, but as students, we need to realize just how many different costs need to be covered to keep IVCC a successful and high-quality institution. When compared to ten similar community colleges in

Illinois, we are still under the average of those college’s tuition rates.

We are also staying lower than the average tuition rate for community colleges statewide, so IVCC is doing very well at keeping college affordable for all students.

The second bit of news that I am writing about is one that dampened my mood once I saw the item on the board agenda: the resignation of the accounting instructor Mike Sankovich. He has taught many courses in accounting, including the two that I had him for: financial accounting and managerial accounting. He is a fantastic professor who I am personally sad to see go but hope that he enjoys his time in retirement. He has definitely earned it!

The last item from the board meeting that I would like to talk about is the authorization for the purchase of new furniture for Building B and also for rooms C-316, C-325, and C-326. The furniture replaced in Building B will resemble the new furniture that is in currently in the Student Life Space. The furniture that will be going in C-316, C-325, and C-326 will be new tables and chairs. Both of these purchases will benefit everyone as the new furniture will be able to be utilized by everyone equally.

If you have any concerns that you would like addressed, do not be afraid to come to a board meeting or contact me personally. My email is on the IVCC website under the Board of Trustee’s member list.