Former editor shares his and Kyle’s story

Brent Bader, Former Editor-In-Chief

You can’t say Kyle Russell isn’t passionate about photography

In fact, it’s this passion that led him all the way to Texas.

He traveled to Dallas last week to represent Illinois Valley Community College on a national stage and came home with not one, but two awards.

Kyle and I worked closely together when I was editor of the IV Leader and a friendship was forged. I was proud to attend the ceremony with him because it felt, in a way, as if we were all being recognized.

Prior to the awards ceremony, he told me that his only goal was to represent the college well and show that smaller schools are capable of competing with the largest schools in the U.S. and Canada

He did both exceedingly well.

For a few moments, people across the nation were aware of the talent of this student newspaper.

I’m proud to be an alumnus of this paper and Kyle’s photos are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the hard work and dedication of its staff over the years.

The journalism classes and student newspaper at IVCC offer many students from different backgrounds and interests a chance to share their passions with the student body.

Kyle originally started taking photos for the IV Leader because he wanted to write about his passion for the musical concerts he attended. I started writing for the student newspaper because I wanted to talk about my passion for movies and television shows. Together, we both found individual passions that have guided us and specifically led me to a career I’ve found endlessly rewarding.

I continue to read the IV Leader on a regular basis and remain impressed by the work of all of its staff members.

As new bylines continue to pop-up within these pages I wonder what passion drove them to join the student newspaper and where it will lead them in their future.