Tricks to building the ideal resume: grades and clubs are key

Rachel Einhaus, Assistant Opinion Editor

Ultimately, we’ve all worked since the day we were born to get the career we long for. As adults, though, what qualifies us for the jobs we want, and how can we begin to work for their expected career? The best thing one can do to get a head start on a good career is building a good resume.

The main thing most employers look at and base a lot of the hiring process on is the applicant’s resume. The employer wants to see that the applicant has participated in various extracurricular activities, has outstanding academic capabilities and benefits the community.

The first step in building a resume is achieving high academic honors. Work on having good grades and improving your own personal intellect.

Create a bond with instructors; they are often willing to give recommendations and referrals in your professional career. They also can help get your name out in the professional field.

The next thing to do is to join academic clubs. Not only are these good on resumes, they can also be fun.

Some great clubs to join here at school include Phi Theta Kappa, Sigma Kappa Delta, The Honors Program and more. They help you as an individual and look extremely good on resumes and co-curricular transcripts.

My choice to join the IV Leader, Phi Theta Kappa and Psychology club has made it possible for me to develop as a person and meet great people.

Another way to build a resume would be joining activities and organizations outside of school. This shows an applicant’s interest in the community and involvement in it. It also shows your ability to get out there and getting to know other people.

The thrill of participation is invaluable, as well. For example, I have joined Lions Club of Ottawa, a club that heavily helps the community.

I am extremely proud to be a Lion because the club has had a huge impact in Ottawa. Recently we donated to OHS for new Hearing machines that help check to see if students need aid that will positively benefit learning.

We have also donated to tornado disaster relief and various other things. Lions club has welcomed me as a member and has supported me from the first day I joined.

I have also found various hobbies that will tie my name to potential professional careers. I have enjoyed being able to do more with my passion for photography.

Make a list of your achievements, write them out neatly, organized in a 2-3 page document, formatted as a resume. Keep yourself busy and involved in your community, it will help you later in life!