Because of Dixie: performer finds happiness with horse

Rachel Einhaus, IV Leader Assistant Opinion Editor

As a young child, I always believed I wanted to be a performer. I began singing everywhere I went. My mother put me in dance lessons and supported me in finding what my true calling in life was to be.
I still take vocal and dance lessons to this day, however, that is not the kind of performing I have found my heart in.
I was put in equestrian lessons around the age of 5. I was ecstatic that an animal six times my size would listen to me and want to work with me in a partnership. Gradually the lessons slowed and I was then enrolled in camps and trails every summer from then on.
My mother knew about my performing dreams and had seen some shows and heard of the local 4-H fair. My grandmother then looked for a horse I could pay to lease or borrow for the upcoming fair. The barn I was attending had not had any available horses. I went to LaSalle’s Pumpkin Acre Paints and leased a horse for the summer. Sadly, the horse was hurt two weeks before the fair and could not be ridden. They found me a horse to ride from out of town. I spent the next two weeks riding as much as I could, trying to create a new partnership with a horse I barely knew. When we got to the show and I competed, I was flabbergasted that I placed first in my class my first show.
The next school year the original barn had a horse that could be bought. I was asked if I wanted to continue showing and if I wanted my own horse. I went and saw the horse and realized it was the horse I always wanted to ride at previous camps and lessons. I was extremely excited and begged my grandma to buy me that horse.
My horse, Dixie, and I have competed at shows for three years now, and we plan to continue showing with the other riders at Black Socks Stables. I currently work with other kids to share my experience and enjoyment. Working with younger kids who share my interest gives me hope that kids will be able to continue in the love of the sport.
Dixie has been my partner in life and one of my two best friends—both are animals.

I have found the person I am through her and I’m glad I have met her. I was meant to perform with Dixie.