Adapting to changing seasons

IV Leader Editor-in-Chief says goodbye

Michael Westerman, IV Leader Editor-in-Chief

As summer approaches, my time as editor-in-chief for the IV Leader is coming to an end. Often times the change of a season brings back the memories of the old along with the promise of the new.

Looking back at my time with the IV Leader, I remember the people I have met and those I have worked with: People with all kinds of perspectives and goals in life sharing the desire to work and to be informed.

I look back at the work that my staff and I have accomplished together. It took communication and trust that everyone involved would do their part and it takes hard work to build such a foundation with others. I found myself discovering more and more about each person as we worked; things like where their passion lies, what they believe in and how they respect others.
It is the bliss of disciplined journalism and the need to be objectionable that brings out the true qualities of a person. In journalism we have to fight our own passionate ideals and the ideals of others to maintain a narrative of fairness and fact. This is not always easy but it can be very humbling. To hold back some of what you want to say in the name of unbiased work is respect; respect to your employer, your sources, your readers, and most of all yourself.

Too often we fall to assumption and unfair assessments off of incomplete information because it is easy and comfortable, because the alternative may conflict with what you believe. It is not comfortable to feel wrong or unsure. It can be embarrassing or make you feel weak to go back on your words and say you were wrong. But be sure that the strongest and most intelligent version of you is when you are vulnerable in uncharted territory. You can only grow if you stick your neck out.

I am so proud of my staff and many other students at IVCC that have shown such strength, that have put themselves out there even if they were unsure. No doubt that type of confidence is something I have learned from them. No doubt this place and its people have changed my perspective.

A new season, a different perspective: sometimes bright and sometimes not. There is no telling what the next stage will bring. Change can be uncomfortable. Growth is always something new: a different experience.

The only way to grow is to take that step into what is unknown and trust yourself. The IV Leader and its staff taught me that and of course Lori Cinotte, who gave me the opportunity to tackle such a challenge and the encouragement to improve every day.

I hope that in my time as Editor-in-Chief I have tried to spread such a passion for work and the desire to chase large goals to others.

So whatever the next season of your life looks like and however unsure it may seem, it will only become clear once you engulf yourself in it.

Trust yourself and know that the people you meet and the relationships you make shape your perspective and can lead to new season that is brighter than you ever thought it could be.

Thank you to all the people I have met in my time here and know that you are a part of my new perspective: a new bright season.