Freedom to live abroad if Trump becomes president

Quinn Delvallee, IV Leader Columnist

As the days get warmer in 2016, a putrid aroma fills the air. A stench so strong it has driven people to violence. At the source of this peculiar smell is the beautifully orange face of Donald J. Trump. Each day he manages to churn out more and more bull crap.

As Donald dominates the primary season, it appears inevitable that he will be the Republican nominee, making us one step closer to a Trump presidency.

Will we survive the Trump apocalypse? Only time will tell. Just in case we don’t, here’s what you need to know if you’re considering moving to Canada if he’s elected.

An article in USA Today gave some incite on how to become a resident. If you decide on moving to Canada, it will help if you do not have a criminal record. Once you are sure that you have a clean record, haven’t violated any human or international rights, you will need to choose a type of legal residency to apply for.

The easiest way to move to Canada would be through Express Entry for Skilled Workers. In order to enter this way, you will need at least 12 months’ experience under your belt in a skilled profession. For students, Quebec Selected Residency is the best route. Quebec Selected residency is a form of provincial residency designed for students.

Based off the violence that has taken place recently at Trump rallies, you might even be able to apply as a Refugee if things get really ugly.

When you apply you will have to pay an application fee. You can expect to pay around $550 Canadian dollars, which roughly converts to $400 US.

Next up, is the waiting game. It could take around six months for an Express Entry for Skilled Workers residency.

If Canada just doesn’t seem like it’s for you, but you still don’t want to live in a country run by Donald Trump, the next best option if you ask me, is to live a nomadic life as a hunter gatherer somewhere deep in the woods.

Editor’s Note:
Contingency plans seem to be the norm when it comes to escaping a possible Trump presidency. Here are some other opinions from the IV Leader staff:
“If Trump becomes president I would get a work visa in New Zealand and spend my days roaming, building houses and bar -tending on the beach. I’d probably just move into a bungalow and avoid the news of the United States,” said IVCC student Jessica Bursztynsky.
Another IVCC student had this to say about her escape plan, “I would like to move to Manila, Philippines… This island country is very warm all year around,” said Laura Lenhausen.