Uplifting women through confidence building

Aris Showers, IV Leader Opinion Editor

Women are the most essential element in society and it’s important for us to build confidence within ourselves daily in order to ensure a healthy well-being.

Some people depend on the media to tell them how they should look, feel and live. People shouldn’t place their existence dependent on the ever changing media. Women especially need to disavow the images that the media place before them. The temptations of having the perfect body or style aren’t beneficial to self-worth. The lures invoked by the media will only place a hold on the path to internal confidence.

It’s important that you retrace your steps set by the media and build long-lasting results that are in line with your own self-worth.

There are stages that need to be developed in order for you to reap the benefits of internal self-worth. One of the most important things some women must stop doing is diminishing each other. I see this a lot and it bothers me. I’m concerned, because we have other things oppressing us and the last thing we need to be is each other’s adversary.

The media also play a role in our treatment of each other. Standards set by the media will cause less confident women to evoke negativity onto another. I feel these transgressions are so pointless and have no value. We need to all stand up for ourselves and each other and walk with confidence every day. The power of changing one negative thing you do will go a long way towards many positives. Let’s all be the key to uplifting each other.

Another way is to always do things that make you feel good inside. The most prevalent aspect of your life is what you put into it. Whatever it may be go out and do it, even if you don’t know what, try something new.

I know first-hand, doing things out of my norm has opened doors to the greatest experiences. Enriching yourself should be the No. 1 goal in your life.

Take a page out of my book, compliment other women with confidence. A sincere gesture of kindness goes a long way for yourself and the other person. We don’t know what problems people are going through in life, but we can speak positivity automatically.

Simple words can change somebody’s day for the better. Once you get used to complimenting it’ll be a natural occurrence. The flow of words from your lips will take no thought: it’ll just be.

Always remember when the media tries to change your view of yourself take a step back and say, don’t try to contain me to fit your image because I’m enough. Don’t allow anyone to push you in a corner where they feel you belong. Step back, cease thoughts of self-doubt and say, I’m good enough.

I don’t like the term “fake it until you make it.” I feel you shouldn’t fake it; allow yourself to just be. Once you’re open to self-confidence, it’ll flow in and around you.

Garnish yourself in self-worth and confidence will ooze from your pores.