Meet IVCC’s new trustee

IVCC students, it is a great honor and privilege to have received so many votes and your trust and confidence in the student government elections. With this mandate, I look forward to being the strong and tenacious voice that I promised to be.

For those who do not already know me and for whom I did not have the opportunity to speak with during my campaign, my name is Austin Burnette. I was born and raised in Mendota. My major is political science and I am an active member in Psych Club, SAGE, and the College Democrats, as well as a member of both Phi Theta Kappa and Sigma Kappa Delta. In high school, I ran cross country and played tennis. Fun fact: I have a fascination with the late and great Lady Margaret Thatcher.

After graduating from IVCC, I hope to continue my political science education with a concentration in comparative politics (that is, I want to study the political systems of other countries).

The position of student trustee is designed to give students, who are most affected by college policy, a voice on the ultimate decision-making body at our school. Illinois Valley Community College students deserve to have their voice heard and represented with dedication and vigor in all matters. As the only community college in a nearly 50 mile radius from Oglesby, decisions made here have a huge impact on many, many people. And I am proud to have been selected as your representative to these discussions and votes.

If you ever have any comments, questions, or concerns, my contact information is available on the IVCC Board’s website (which I strongly encourage everyone to visit read). I am also on campus each day and will be holding office hours in the Student Government Association office. I look forward to your input and being able to report that input at our board meetings, which everyone is welcome to attend.

Once again, thank you for your votes of confidence, and I eagerly await the start of my official duties as your representative!