Contemplating cost: Is the price of living too high?

Young adolescents are faced with many expenses as we head into adulthood. College education is what is truly expensive, especially when you decide to attend an out-of-state university. Even going to an in-state school is expensive. As college students, most of us don’t have this kind of money to hand over and pay it in full. We attend classes for four years, graduate, and start working to find a job in our careers. Then we begin to pay back our student loans. But is this something we should really be working for as soon as we graduate college? Shouldn’t we be preparing ourselves to save for a house, a car, necessities we may need? Sadly, we can’t until we have some of our debt paid off.

Within the past week I’ve been to the mall and have spent easily three hundred dollars and left with eight items. I bought a pair of Nike shoes, two shirts, two pairs of shorts, and three summer dresses. The whole time my friends and I were thinking how much money we spent and left with just a few amount of items.

This really got me thinking. In all honesty, is this expensive? Seriously, you go to the grocery store, buy fruit and get very little for the $20 you just spent. You get gas for your car and think it’s expensive. But is it really? Think about it. Going shopping now these days is expensive compared to what it would’ve been 10 years ago. However, now it’s honestly just the normal prices for things.

Another point, something that seems to be inexpensive, is a soldier’s pay compared to a congressman’s pay. Honestly, we pay so much money for our congressmen to hear our voices and help make laws. The question is, why do we pay our soldiers very little when they are risking their lives for us and our country? Aren’t their lives valuable? I believe they are. I believe it is definitely worth more than what we are paying.

So really thinking about it, what is expensive in all honesty? Maybe it’s just something we individually come to conclusion with. It just all comes down to our beliefs and opinions in the end.